Grazen Chiropractic open for your emergency needs during COVID-19

We continue to be open for your healthcare needs. The office hours have been altered due to COVID-19. Please call to schedule your appointment. We have been scheduling very carefully so we can walk patients directly to exam rooms to avoid interactions. You may call the office from the parking lot at 681-6768 to make sure that it is OK to enter the office. As usual, tables and equipment are cleaned after all care. Plexi-glass has been installed to reduce staff to patient contact. We are doing are best to make sure you are safe at your visit. If you have back or neck pain we are here for you. We are accepting new patients.

Remember keep your immune system strong by eating well, getting rest, and taking your supplements. Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin A, and D3 are immune boosting nutrients. Quinine has also been helpful in immune health. OPC-3 from Nutrametrix is a great immune booster. Go to Home page and click on Nutrametrix. Search under OPC-3. A healthy immune system can fight any disease.

Stay Healthy,

Dr. Christopher A. Grazen