Coronavirus and Chiropractic Care

If you are in need of Chiropractic Care to your spinal related conditions, we are open for your healthcare needs. Emergencies are welcome but please call. Our hours have been reduced due to the virus and we have altered scheduling patients to avoid patient interaction and keep the distance. Upon entering the building the front door is propped open. Our reception door is open. There is no sign in sheet and you should let the staff know your name. You will be escorted back to an exam room upon entering. We ask family and friends to stay in their cars or at home and only enter if help is needed. We are trying to keep all patients in treatment rooms and have minimal to nobody in reception.

All exam rooms, tables and furniture are cleaned with Cavicide spray after each visit. The reception is wiped hourly as is the check out. You will be screened before care. We ask if you think you are ill or have a fever not to schedule and let the staff know. The doctor will contact you to make sure it is safe to treat you.

For those of you fighting a cold or think you are infected with COVID 19 look on the home page under NUTRAMETRIX. Click on NUTRAMETRIX. Go to OPC-3 in the search bar. Read on the product it is a great immune booster. 90 day supply.

Stay Healthy,

Dr Christopher Grazen