Flexion Distraction

Those who suffer from herniated discs, sciatica, spinal stenosis and other conditions of the lumbar spine would benefit from flexion distraction therapy.

The Flexion Distraction technique has been very effective for patients who do not want or need narcotic medications or epidurals. It works by increasing circulation and taking pressure off the spinal nerves that may be injured. The therapy also helps to increase spinal range of motion and resolving disc bulges and disc herniations.

Patients that were deemed surgical have responded well to this treatment and have been able to avoid surgery. Since there are no thrusts involved; which minimizes risks, pregnant patients can also receive this safe technique.

This very safe, yet very effective therapy is performed by using a special table that stretches and flexes the spine in a gentle rhythmic motion. This allows Dr. Grazen to isolate the area and resolve the disc herniation or bulge. The goal is to allow the spine to move correctly in a manner that will remove pressure from the herniation. As the disc moves away from the nerve and disc height is improved, inflammation of the nerve root is reduced and eventually the associated pain that runs into the leg. There is no pain involved in the treatment.

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