Chiropractic Care Car Accidents and Workers’ Compensation Injuries

With people returning to work and school more vehicles on the road. Please drive safely and use your hands free phones. Unfortunately accidents will happen. With more people returning to work injuries can occur. Work injuries include acute trauma, falls, or lifting injuries. They also include repetitive trauma. Injuries to your neck, back, head, arms, legs, shoulders can leave you debilitated. They can lead to other issues like numbness in legs and arms and headaches. It is imperative that you contact the car insurance and human resources at work immediately and report your injuries. There are time tables that need to be followed and your case will be denied if not followed. My staff and I are trained to help you ASAP.

If you are injured at work or in a car accident our staff and doctors are trained to handle your case and instruct you on the paper work that will follow. Paper work and injuries are new to you but common to us. We can help you, and guide you in the correct direction.

After the paper works completed the important part is restoring your health. With over 25 years of experience you can be assured we will help you improve your health. We are associated with several physicians in the area and will refer when necessary to optimize your care.

For your safety we are following CDC guidelines to keep you as safe as possible when coming to our office. Please wear a mask when entering the building and if ill call us let us know and we will reschedule you when safe. The office is sanitized daily and all tables and surfaces wiped between patients treatment.

Emergencies are welcome. Please call 716-681-6768 with questions.

Dr. Christopher A. Grazen