Soft Tissue Techniques

Cupping therapy is a common modality in alternative medicine that aids in healing when combined with chiropractic care within treatment protocol. The cups are placed over the skin to target specific muscles that may have increased muscle tone due to an injury known as hypertonicity. A hypertonic muscle usually has a lot of inflammation and too much inflammation in a region of the body can cause a pain response. 
Cupping therapy is then used in the office to help decrease inflammation to the hypertonic muscle by placing a cup on the body, suction is then applied and the healing process begins. The suction from the cups help to release toxins in the muscle, increase blood flow, decrease inflammation and pain in the body. In a recent study it explained how patients with chronic pain who get cupping as a treatment modality noticed a difference in their healing process and a decrease in their back pain. That is why we at Grazen Chiropractic are offering cupping therapy as another soft tissue technique to help aid in healing.
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