How a Chiropractor Can Help After a Car Accident or Work Injury

Injured in a Car Accident or at Work? Chiropractors Can Help Treat Your Injuries.

After a work injury or car accident most people are unsure what to do. Whom do I contact? Should I call a lawyer? Should I see my doctor? Should I go to Urgent Care or emergency room?

Chiropractors can relieve your pain from your injuries and also calm your fears with the paper work. Chiropractors are highly trained health professionals that can assess all your injuries and order diagnostic tests to assist you in getting back to health. They will refer to experts when necessary. The paperwork from a car accident or work injury can be confusing. Our staff is trained on what to expect and can help you through the process. There are time frames that need to be adhered to in order to protect your health benefits. Timely filing is essential to make your case flow smoothly.

You Should See a Chiropractor After Your Auto Accident or Work Injury.

Chiropractors are trained to relieve pain commonly associated with work and car accident injuries. They will discuss your injuries, examine you, and discuss your treatment plan. Through spinal manipulation, soft tissue massage, rehabilitation, trigger point release, and stretching, chiropractors can help reduce your pain, and avoid unnecessary surgeries and medications.

They can provide TENS units, back supports, traction collars, and bracing. They will work with your attorney and understand the time frames for care and paper work. They can remove you from work to allow you to get treated and fill out your disability forms to get paid and ensure an income to support you and your family.

What Injuries do Chiropractors Treat?

Whiplash or cervical strain sprain. Mid and lower back pain (thoracic and lumbar strain sprains). Leg pain (sciatica), arm pain, concussions, head pain, arm and leg tingling and numbness. The impact of an auto accident or work injuries from repetitive trauma lifting bending or falling causes injuries to the bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves, muscles and discs of the spine (herniated discs).

As a result of a work injury and car accident you may also suffer headaches, visual issues, ringing in ears, concussions, shoulder, knee, foot, hand and hip pain. Chiropractic care can assist with these conditions. In the case of knee, shoulder, elbow, wrist hand or foot injuries chiropractors are trained to manage the conditions. If surgical referrals are made to the proper physicians.

Is Chiropractic the Best Treatment for Me?

If you continue to experience pain after car accident or work place injury you may speak to your doctor or chiropractor for an evaluation. After the evaluation diagnostic studies may be ordered.

These include X-rays, MRI, Nerve Conduction Velocities, and CT scans. Referrals will be given to specialists if conditions are too advanced or when complimentary care such at PT or massage are needed.

Can Chiropractors Help with My Auto or Work Compensation Insurance?

Our staff is trained with the time periods and regulations of NYS No-Fault insurance laws and Workers Compensation Insurance. They will help you with questions and work with your lawyers. It is important to be examined by a healthcare professional within 45 days of a car accident. It is best to report accidents and injuries to your automobile insurance carries immediately. When filing a work injury make sure you get a copy of your accident report and your employers worker’s compensation insurance. Time of filing work injuries is very important and should be done immediately after the injury. Waiting a few days may place blame outside the work place. This leaves you with the responsibility of care.

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